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Fake Bake Blog: Product Reviews, Tips & Tricks

Welcome to the Fake Bake self-tanning blog, where you'll discover all the best new self-tanning products and find advice on how to get a perfect, professional-level results every single time. Offering insight from our brand ambassadors and real customers like you, the Fake Bake blog is chock full of helpful sunless tanning tips and info for self-tan experts and beginners alike.

Whether you're looking to see what's new behind the scenes, discover celebrities who adore our products or watch videos on how to apply self-tanner, the Fake Bake blog is the best place to start. We also regularly upload episodes of the Fake Bake podcast here, so you can listen to full episodes and get to know our team. Check back often for more of the best self-tanning content anywhere!

How to Self-Tan Your Face

2nd Jul 2020

Never fear! With proper preparation, self-tanning your face shouldn't be difficult (plus, if you make a mistake, you can always use our Fake Bake Tan Corrector & Eraser). Below is a complete guide … read more

How to Remove Fake Tan

25th Jun 2020

Achieving a gorgeous, natural-looking sunless tan involves a little more than squeezing self-tan lotion on and rubbing it all over your body. Even with proper preparation, mistakes are inevitable and … read more

Learn About Getting your Glow On with Spray Tanning

18th Jun 2020

If you've never gotten a spray tan, you might have a picture in your head of an aim-and-shoot session with someone holding a can of hardware-store spray paint. Not quite. The process of spray tanni … read more

Fair-Skinned Tips for Achieving a Beautiful Fake Tan

11th Jun 2020

Ask anyone with fair skin about the beauty frustrations that go along with this - everything from fighting a washed-out look to covering up visible veins. Unfortunately, pale skin has no color c … read more

Self-Tanning Safety During Your Pregnancy

4th Jun 2020

Pregnant or not, we all know about the dangers of sun tanning. Sunburn, skin damage, premature aging, and the biggie - skin cancer - are consequences of these forms of UV exposure. If you're … read more