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Getting Gorgeous For Summer Vacation

Getting Gorgeous For Summer Vacation

14th Jul 2022

Summer is finally here! Are you planning a summer vacation? Getting gorgeous for your upcoming and well-deserved break may involve shopping for a new swimsuit, arranging a pet sitter or taking your car in for a tune-up. Before you start packing, though, don’t forget to add a gorgeous fake tan to your pre-trip checklist too.

Before you pooh-pooh our suggestion, hear us out: Starting your summer vacation with a no-sun bronze glow makes a lot of sense. Not only can you enjoy that confidence you feel with a tan from day one of your trip, but you can also resist the urge to bake your skin under the sun's damaging UV rays. We have smart fake-tanning tips to help you feel fierce on your summer vacay!

Feeling Photo-Fabulous

Did you even have a summer break if you don't have pictures to prove it? Think of how much happier you can feel posing for pics or snapping selfies when you like how you look. There's just something about a tan that brings out your confidence and lets your inner beauty shine through. A self-tan can boost your self-esteem and even make your smile seem whiter.