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​Is your spray tan Red Carpet approved?

​Is your spray tan Red Carpet approved?

18th Sep 2018

Tanya Pongrac

When applying self-tanners, we have all been somewhat paranoid to wake up with a blotchy ankle or uneven appearance of the overall tan. So how exactly do our favorite celebrities stand on the red carpet so confidently, knowing their spray tan is not only flawless, but photographing as beautifully as it appears in person?

“The tone of a spray tan is everything. It could smell amazing but if the tone is off, you might as well consider yourself a Dorito,” says Tanya Pongrac, Fake Bake Brand Ambassador, and spray tanner to some of Hollywood’s finest ladies.

Fake Bake’s high-end quality formula is said to be one of the best sunless tanning solutions on the market, surpassing competitors and having an award winning finish to every skin tone it is applied to.

“The true secret behind this foolproof formula is how it runs more yellow, giving off a golden hue vs the muddy burnt look Miranda Lambert Grammyssome other tanners can leave you with,” says Pongrac. “I’ve never had the color appear artificial in any manner, even on the fairest skins.”

When applying Fake Bake’s Flawless formula, always concentrate on center focal areas the sun would naturally drench you in color, such as the shoulders, chest, and cheekbones.

“If the tan photographs well, it will look even better in person. I’ve applied this formula to the lightest of skin tones under the harshest HD lighting and it mocks the color one would achieve from a weekend in Maui.”

Order Fake Bake Flawless or any of our red carpet-ready products online, direct from the source. Create your free account here.