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Moisturize For A Longer-Lasting Self-Tan

Moisturize For A Longer-Lasting Self-Tan

9th Jul 2018

Maintaining your spray tan is said to be easier than maintaining your summer fling. If social media hasn’t reminded us every time we scroll through our feeds, being a woman in 2018 has come with a cost of maintenance like never before. Sunless tanning falls into the category of the endless grooming we consume ourselves with in our bathrooms. But could maintaining your spray tan be as simple as moisturizing?

When getting a spray tan, there is definitely some homework to be done on your part. Like prepping the skin before stripping down for your spray tanner. But what happens after you have been spray painted like a golden trophy?

The Importance Of Skin Hydration

“I can’t stress enough to my clients how important it is to moisturize the skin twice a day to hold on to your tan and lock in your color. If the skin is dry, the tan has nothing to bond with, and everyone’s worst fear of a blotchy spray tan then occurs,” says Tanya Pongrac, expert tanner for Fake Bake.

Factors that may eat away at your tan include pools, jacuzzis, sea water, and steam rooms. Pongrac says: “Many of my clients will get a spray tan right before vacation, but there is some work that needs to be done on their part in order for the tan to last the duration of their trip.” You don’t need to stress while enjoying the pool, but remember to lock hydration into the skin. “I love applying thick moisturizers and body butters, especially focusing on the hands, feet, and neck,” she continues.

Moisturizer Options To Extend Your Self-Tan

When moisturizers are applied daily, your spray tan will fade evenly, and you will be the least-likely to be blotchy at your summer BBQs. “There are so many myths about oils and soaps eating away at spray tans. As long as it’s moisturizing the skin, it is great for a spray tan. A bit of coconut oil mixed in with your lotions is an ideal method to hold onto color. But do avoid any washes that use Glycolic acid,” suggests Tanya. She also recommends applying a tan extender a few times each week to lock in the work of your master spray tanner.

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