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Product Feature - Fake Bake Bronzing Compact

Product Feature - Fake Bake Bronzing Compact

7th Apr 2022

So you’ve finished your perfect self-tan and are looking for a little extra dimension and glow. Fake Bake has just the product you need – the sleek, cream-based, natural-looking Bronzing Compact. This gorgeous and useful beauty bronzer is a great way to enhance the natural glow of your skin or to finish off a flawless self-tan by adding definition and depth. Whether you’re looking for a next-level glow every day or just want to enhance your look on special occasions, the Bronzing Compact is an easy and effective way to add some pop to your appearance!

Natural Look for Added Definition

After finishing your self-tan routine, you might be looking for some great ways to show off your new look. The versatile and natural appearance of our Bronzing Compact is a good way to add color, shading and definition to your skin. Apply bronzer right over your normal makeup routine for a look that screams “sun-kissed” without any of the damaging UV radiation. Just apply it to where the sun would normally hit your face to bring out a golden appearance easily and safely. The best spots to touch up with your new Bronzing Compact are your cheeks, forehead and nose – adding depth to your appearance and matching your beautiful skin tone.

The Bronzing Compact is also a great way to add extra definition to your self-tan! Whether you use an airbrush kit for your self-tan or use a self-tan lotion, you can apply bronzer to spots on your collarbones, chest or anywhere else to add a little extra depth to your look. The triple pigmentation of our bronzer helps to add natural warmth to the skin that adds color in all the right places.