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Self-Tanning For Your Favorite Fall & Winter Looks

Self-Tanning For Your Favorite Fall & Winter Looks

15th Sep 2022

As you prepare your fall and winter wardrobe, accessories and makeup, don’t forget to consider a healthy, sunless tan. Fake Bake offers a range of sunless self-tanning options that will give you that healthy glow without exposure to the sun’s damaging UV rays. You can enjoy a rich, bronze glow year-round by using our high-quality, effective self-tanning lotions, liquids and mousse on your skin.

How a Sunless Tan Enhances Fall and Winter Looks

When you have that natural-looking glow, your fall and winter wardrobe just seems to shine! Your skin picks up the warm colors in your clothes, and you feel more confident. Luckily, it’s easy to maintain a golden glow all year with Fake Bake products that allow you to create a professional-looking, long-lasting tan right in your own home.

Getting a Great Winter Tan

You know what it’s like when you see someone with that healthy glow that perfectly complements their fall and winter fashion. You can get that look too, and you don’t have to fly to a tropical location or expose yourself to harmful UV rays to get it. A sunless tan is a great way to enhance your winter appearance and make you feel great too. Fake Bake has you covered with a wide range of great products.

Always start by exfoliating skin to create a smooth canvas for your self-tan and to help prevent streaks. This will also help keep your skin healthy during colder, drier months. We recommend using our In the Buff Exfoliating Mitt or Coconut Oil Exfoliating Wipes to exfoliate your skin.

Once your skin is prepped, get a long-lasting, natural glow using our line of self-tan products. You might like our Original Self Tan Lotion, a great self-tanner that doubles as a moisturizer. Tanning lotions absorb deeper into the skin's surface than sprays or mousse, so they tend to last longer.

Our Flawless® Coconut Tanning Serum for Face and Body is another great choice if you’re looking to enhance your skin tone while self-tanning. It’s made with a blend of nourishing coconut oil, anti-aging hyaluronic acid, moisturizing glycerin and silk amino acids, so you can get a great sunless tan while nourishing your skin. It’s also fast drying, so you’ll get that glow in no time.

Our liquid formulas provide a professionally-tanned look that's quick and easy to achieve. Apply our liquids before bedtime, leave them on overnight, and wake up with a healthy glow you’ll love. Those who have sensitive skin but who still want a healthy tan can try our mousse formulas. These hydrating, lightweight formulas provide a streak-free, even tan without sun exposure.