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Setting Up Your Spray Tan Machine

Setting Up Your Spray Tan Machine

10th Feb 2023

Here are some simple steps to help get you started with your new spray tan system. But first, consider why you want to be sure to be well-trained, or get your spray tan from a professional.

Benefits Of A Professional Spray Tan

Always use a trusted spray tan professional. If you don’t know one in your area, you can ask us for a referral. Why get a pro spray tan?

  • Get just the right color and tone for your skin
  • Complete coverage, with even application
  • It’s faster than doing it yourself
  • It will likely last longer
  • Your salon professional will have the best equipment and products
  • You’ll get extra pampering along with your great spray tan!

Setting Up The SprayerFake Bake Self-Tanners

If you are new to the Aura Allure Xena Spray Tan System, you may have questions about set up and best practices. There are three main parts:

  • Clique and Tan Sprayer
  • Motor Unit or Turbine
  • Hose

The tanning gun is super simple and only has a few main parts:

  • Spray nozzle (on the front of the gun)
  • Solution cup
  • Solution flow dial
  • Hose attachment (the port on the back of the gun)
  1. Nozzle. Make sure the nozzle is threaded correctly and that it is only hand-tight. If you've recently cleaned the gun and can't remember how to put the nozzle back together, you can read our article on cleaning your spray tan system. We explain exactly how the nozzle should be reassembled after cleaning. Don't worry, it's super simple!
  2. Solution Cup. Unscrew the solution cup and set it on a flat surface. Fill it to your desired level using the marks on the side of the cup. Most bodies will take about 2 ounces of solution. Don't worry if you have solution left in the cup because you can always pour it back into the container. Just don't overfill it! Make sure all of the threading on the cup and the gun is completely dry before you reattach it. With the cup set on a flat surface, align the gun on top and start screwing the cup while holding the gun still. Screw the cup hand-tight and be sure not to over-tighten. Make sure there are no gaps between the cup and the gun. You're all set!
  3. Solution flow dial. This dial regulates the amount of solution being sprayed out of the gun. Turn the dial towards the plus symbol to spray out more solution and towards the minus symbol for less solution. We recommend starting on a low setting and then increasing the spray volume as needed.
  4. Hose attachment. Take the larger end of the hose and press it firmly into the back of the spray gun. Take the other end of the hose and firmly press it into the back of the motor unit.
  5. Plug in the unit and you're ready to tan!

Fake Bake Self-Tanners

What Kind Of Spray Tan Liquid To Use

You can't just dump any old solution into your machine! Be sure to use a solution that's specifically designed for use in a spray tan machine. That way you don't run into problems with your machine clogging. At Fake Bake®, we offer Darker Sunless Spray Tan Solution that is one of the highest-rated spray tanners on the market and works perfectly with the Xena Spray Tan System.

Accessories You Need For Spray Tanning

Now that you have your machine set up, it's time to get the rest of your supplies together. Here are some essential items you'll need:

Spray Tanning Tent. Using a spray tent is highly recommended. This will keep the spray tan confined to a small area without accidentally getting it on the floor, walls, and furniture.

A Professional Application Mitt, to smooth out your fresh spray tan.

Sticky Feet, to protect the soles of your feet.

Coconut Exfoliating Wipes, to prepare your skin before your spray tan.

Want more? Go to our official YouTube channel to see the spray tan system in action! Right now, you can save 25% off a new Xena Spray Tan System with coupon code blog2923 at checkout. And of course, contact us any time with your questions or any challenges.

You're all set! Happy tanning :-)