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Sunless Tanning Spotlight: Tanning Mousse & Tanning Water

Sunless Tanning Spotlight: Tanning Mousse & Tanning Water

11th Nov 2021

When it’s time to add some lovely color to your skin, Fake Bake offers options that are not only effective and affordable, but easy and convenient as well. You have a ton of sunless tanning options above and beyond self-tanning lotions too. Fake Bake’s Flawless Mousse and Tanning Water both offer a fake tan that looks natural and applies easily.

Whether your skin is normal, oily or dry, Fake Bake’s Flawless Mousse and Tanning Water are specifically formulated to work with all skin types. They also work as self-tanners for faces, so you can get an all-in-one body and face tan that’s smooth and seamless. Now you can get professional quality sunless tanning at home.

Flawless Mousse 

If you’re looking for that special glow, you can count on Fake Bake's new sunless tanning mousse. Flawless Mousse is so lightweight, you won’t even notice it’s there, and it goes on silky-smooth. A fully-lined applicator mitt is included to make sure the mousse goes on easily and takes no effort whatsoever to buff, even around arm hair. Best of all, Flawless Mousse features a built-in cosmetic color guide, so that your tan is even and looks naturally sun-kissed.

You should use Fake Bake Coconut Exfoliating Wipes before applying the mousse to give it a truly smooth surface to work with. Even sensitive skin will not object to the mousse’s long-lasting formula, and it’s not drying in the least. Still, to keep it looking gorgeous for as long as possible, try using Fake Bake Oil-Free Mistifier Body Spray after tanning. It will nourish and hydrate your skin and self-tan.

Tanning Water