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What Does Tanning Water Do for Your Skin

What Does Tanning Water Do for Your Skin

22nd Apr 2021

Tanning used to mean sitting out in the sun for hours at a time to give your skin a deep bronze. As we learned about the damage the sun’s UV rays can cause our skin — including accelerating signs of aging — self-tanning became the healthiest way to get a beautiful, radiant glow. What started out as just tanning lotion has turned into a wide range of sunless tanning products, including mousse and liquid. Now, you can achieve a gorgeous sunless glow with Fake Bake Tanning Water.

What Is Tanning Water?

Tanning waters are clear sprays (or, in our case, foams) that hydrate the skin while creating a fake tan. They tend to have a more lightweight formula than lotions and mousses, and they’re often more moisturizing.

Get a Fake Tan that Looks Real