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Deals & Offers

Check out our Deals & Offers! We’ll update our products on sale, new customer discounts, and current promos here all in one place. If you’re looking for the best fake tanning products, you’ve come to the right place.

Fake Bake Sales

The holidays are so much sweeter when you're looking hot - and we've got you covered (literally!) with this seasonal Fake Bake sale. Now's the time to stock up on all the tanning lotions, liquids, serums, sprays and more at the coolest prices you'll find.

Get beautifully bronzed skin during the holiday season, or all year long, with our safe, fast and easy-to-use self-tanning products. Each self-tanning product in our lineup comes with all you need to achieve your ideal, radiant glow. You get the gloves, you get the directions for a flawless application and, with our Fake Bake Sunless Tan sales, you get the most amazing value.

Fake Bake Deals Waiting for You

You'll find deals on all the products in our lineup, from our Fake Bake Best Sellers to our collection of Fake Bake makeup. Whether you're looking for a radiant, full-body glow or makeup designed to accentuate your tan, you'll find it right here, right now - all on sale.

Awesome prices aren't the only benefit. You'll also avoid all the hassles and hazards that come with tanning your skin with harmful UV rays. When you lie in the sun or in a tanning booth, you risk serious damage to your skin. That's not the case with Fake Bake. Here, you'll find a patented, paraben-free formula crafted with safe tanning agents. Our self-tanning products are safe to use anywhere on your body, including your face. You can also use them with confidence knowing they won't leave behind unpleasant odors.