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Fair Gradual Self-Tan Lotion

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Fair Gradual Self-Tan Lotion

Fake Bake Fair Self-Tan Lotion has been specially formulated for people with fair complexions. If you've struggled with orange-toned tanners in the past or simply want to go for a subtle glow, this is the Fake Bake lotion for you. It's easy to apply and provides a lit-from-within radiance that's absolutely stunning.

Fake Bake Fair Lotion features an easy-glide formula and cosmetic guide color, enabling even the most inexperienced self-tanners to apply the product with ease and confidence. The formula contains naturally-derived tanning agents DHA and Erythrulose to achieve a consistent, golden tan. Directions for how to use Fake Bake Fair Self-Tan Lotion can be found below. If a darker tan is desired, Fake Bake Fair can be re-applied over consecutive days, giving complete control of the color development.

Tanning Perfection Directions:

  • Shake gently before use.
  • Always wear waterproof gloves when applying.
  • Apply in the evening and allow tan to develop overnight.
  • Apply small amounts of lotion in a circular motion on the body.
  • Lightly glaze over elbows, hands, knees and feet. Bend elbows and knees when applying.
  • To build up a darker tan, re-apply nightly until you achieve the tan you require.
  • Re-apply once a week and use Fake Bake maintenance products to extend life of tan.


  • Size: 6 fl oz (170 ml)
  • Skin Types: Normal, Oily, Dry
  • Skin Tones: Fair, Medium
  • Development Time: 4-6 hours (For a deeper tan, guide color can be left on for up to 8 hours.)
  • Includes application gloves
  • Cosmetic guide color assists in application


  • "Best Self-Tanning Product." - Hair Flair & Beauty
  • "Summer Beauty Award." - Grazia
  • 4
    Will be my new go to product!

    Posted by Amanda on 19th Apr 2021

    I really really like the natural look of this product! I am naturally very fair skinned (I wear porcelain ivory makeup in the winter time if that tells you just how fair lol). Because of being so fair most self tanning products look very orange and fake on me. This product looks very natural when applied evenly. The only thing I was slightly disappointed in was that it looked AMAZING when I got up the next morning ( after applying it before bed) but then I washed the guide color off and it wasn't quite as noticeable. Just a hint of color. Now compared to the orange, I will take the hint of color any day! So if I have to do 2 or 3 applications to get the color I am after then I will take that over the fake look. But I will be running out of product a lot faster. So....what are ya gonna do? I guess I will be purchasing a lot more of product in order to look more natural with my fake tan this summer. So my review over all is - great product. Will definitely be purchasing again.

  • 5
    Fake bake fair

    Posted by Kim Spotts on 6th Oct 2020

    I am fair skinned. Of all the tanners I have tried this one is far and away the best. The color is so natural. Application is so easy. I highly recommend!!

  • 5
    Fair Gradual Self-tan lotion

    Posted by Christie LeClair on 15th Jul 2020

    Love this product! Goes on evenly and doesn’t leave me orange or streaky. Also loved the free gift. I had recently purchased this product from Ulta and it was green. I returned it and they gave me another that was green. It was nice to see that it’s actually supposed to be brown when I ordered directly from Fake Bake. I think Ulta has an old batch.

  • 5
    Fair Gradual Sunless Tanner

    Posted by Jenni Buchanan on 20th May 2020

    This tanner is BY FAR the BEST sunless tanner I have ever used. It smells amazing, it’s easy to apply, goes on even, doesn’t leave streaks, and it doesn’t turn me orange!

  • 5
    Fake bake fair

    Posted by Kim on 4th Jun 2019

    I love this product. I am fair skinned and always so nervous to use tanners. . The result is so natural. I’ll never use anything else.

  • 5
    Fair Gradual Self-Tan Lotion

    Posted by Manda on 23rd Apr 2019

    This self-tan lotion has a pleasant smell unlike most other ones that I've tried. The color is very natural looking on my fair skin too.

  • 5
    Fair Self Tanner

    Posted by Kim S. on 13th Jun 2018

    I have very fair skin. Since self tanners came on the market I have tried several. I have suffered through streaks and patches and shades of orange I didn't even know existed. I tried Fake Bake Original Formula last year and LOVE IT! was just a tad too dark for my so very fair skin. Don't get me wrong my skin looked fantastic just a little too "fake" for my liking. When i saw this version of Fake Bake I could not wait to try it! This product does NOT disappoint! I highly recommended this product to all my fair sisters. The color is so natural and gradual! I love it!