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Fake Bake Tan Corrector & Eraser - Limited Release !!

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Melt away stubborn self-tan with Fake Bake’s Tan Corrector & Eraser. A unique formula that corrects your existing tan in just 2-3 minutes, Tan Corrector & Eraser also prevents unsightly tan build up and leaves skin soft, smooth and clean - creating the perfect base for a fresh, flawless tan. Infused with a Mango scent and enriched with Aloe Vera extract, the Tan Corrector & Eraser transforms into a rich mousse which is tough on tan but gentle on skin.

Get a Flawless Tan with Fake Bake Eraser & Corrector

There's nothing worse than accidentally applying too much self-tanner or tanning areas you meant to skip. With Fake Bake Tan Corrector & Eraser, you get a second chance at the perfect tan (and third and fourth, if you need it). This unique formula melts away self-tanning lotions, liquids, mousses and creams effortlessly, erasing and correcting imperfections in just two to three minutes. The result is a pro-looking glow that looks fresh from the beach.

The unique formula of our Tan Corrector & Eraser contains hydrating, soothing aloe vera extract that leaves your skin feeling gorgeously smooth and soft, creating the perfect canvas for a seamless tan. When applied to the skin, it transforms into a rich mousse that melts away your tan but is gentle on skin, so you can correct problems as they arise. It's infused with a delightful mango scent to enhance the experience.