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How It Works

How it Works and How to Use Fake Bake

How it Works

If you've tried Fake Bake self-tanning products, then you know this complexion-enhancing hero is somewhat of a miracle worker for the skin. Without exposing yourself to the harsh, damaging effects of sunlight, Fake Bake gives you perfectly flawless, natural coloring that leaves you looking like you emerged from a week-long holiday in the sun. Bright, fresh, glowy skin is just an application away - but how? Read on to learn exactly how our award-winning self-tanners work.

Using three tanning agents - Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) boosted by DMI and Erythulose - Fake Bake works with your own unique skin tone to produce a darker pigmentation on the skin's surface. By enhancing your skin's own pigments, Fake Bake will give you a natural-looking tan that lasts longer. Fake Bake also has a built-in color guide so you can see where you're applying the self-tanning product on to your skin, ensuring a streak-free application. Thus, you get a perfectly even golden bronze tan, every time.


Paraben Free

Fake Bake is paraben free, so you can rest assured knowing you're using a safe alternative for healthy sun-tanned skin. It's also gentle enough to use on your face. (Just make sure to patch test for sensitive skin.) The same Fake Bake product works for everyone - regardless of skin tone or skin type   - because our ingredients work to enhance your skin's unique pigment. Each application lasts a week. 

How to Use Fake Bake

Each Fake Bake tanner comes with product specific application instructions, so it's important that you reference the directions ahead of time. Before you use any self-tanning product, you should clean, exfoliate and prepare your skin using Fake Bake Coconut Exfoliating Wipes or an exfoliator of your choice. This will help the quick -drying, fast-absorbing liquid better tint your skin.

In general, each product requires you to use the included gloves and/or self-tanning mitt to evenly glaze Face Bake on the face, arms and body. For most products, you simply use the mitt to apply evenly to your skin. We can help you achieve a stunning, streak-free glow all over the body, even on the back, shoulders and the backs of legs and arms with our Body Mate 360° Self-Tanning Applicator and extra nitrile gloves.