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Get beautifully bronzed skin easily, quickly and safely with Fake Bake tanning lotions, liquids, serums, sprays and more. These self-tanning products enhance any skin tone to create a natural-looking tan that's free from orangey hues or streaks. Plus, each self-tanning product comes with everything you need to achieve your ideal tan, including gloves and directions for even application. It's an easy way to achieve a radiant and healthy glow. If you're looking for the best fake tanning products, you've come to the right place.

Maintain a Gorgeous Glow

Have you gotten orange-tinted skin from other self-tanning products? With Fake Bake, you can say goodbye to the artificial look and hello to beautifully bronzed skin. Our patented self-tanning formula is designed to enhance your skin's own pigments, which results in an incredibly natural-looking tan. It also works with every skin tone and skin type, so you can get a radiant glow no matter what. Many Fake Bake sunless tanner liquids and serums also have a built-in color guide so you'll never end up with a streaky tan. A dark temporary color appears during application so you can be completely sure that every inch is covered for a perfectly even tan. And because the Fake Bake sunless tanning formula is fast-acting and long-lasting, you get the best value for your money when you purchase our at-home tanning mousses and gels.

A Safer Way to Tan

Tanning your skin typically comes with tradeoffs. When you lie in the sun or in a tanning booth, you risk serious damage to your skin, and most spray tans and fake tanning products include chemicals that are potentially hazardous to your health. That's why the best Fake Bake products feature our patented, paraben-free formula made with safe tanning agents. Our tanning waters and self-tan liquids are safe for use anywhere on your body, including your face, and won't leave behind unpleasant odors or stain your clothes. By using a Fake Bake Flawless tanning serum or spray, you get all the benefits of a gorgeous, natural tan without putting your health at risk. Shop now to discover the get the perfect self-tanning set for your needs at Fake Bake.