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Best Sellers

Discover the products our customers rave about in this collection of the best Fake Bake self-tanning products. These top-rated self-tanners are must-haves for your personal stash. Each one helps you develop a completely natural-looking tan that makes it appear as though you just came back from a tropical locale. Plus, that rich, bronze tan can be applied without any of the harsh chemicals you'd find in products from other self-tan brands. With Fake Bake, you get a gorgeously tanned tone that helps keep your skin healthy and silky-smooth. Discover the magic of our best instant tan formula when you shop for the top Fake Bake products online.

Quick, Easy and Effective

Self-tanning is especially easy when you use Fake Bake's best self-tanner products. Because our formula enhances your skin's own pigments, it gives you a tan that looks natural and flattering. These products are also formulated to work with every skin tone and skin type. The application process is easy and drying time is short. In a matter of hours, you'll have the beautifully bronzed skin you want without a tan line in sight thanks to our best sunless tanners and tanning lotions.

Safer for Your Skin

A flawless tan doesn't require hours spent in the sun or in a tanning salon. In fact, you'll be doing your skin a favor by tanning at home with the best tanning lotions and liquids from Fake Bake. As we all know, the sun's harmful UV rays can damage skin, speed up the appearance of visible signs of aging or even lead to skin cancer. Tanning beds expose us to the same dangers that potentially harm the skin. Fake Bake makes it possible to get a gorgeous, even glow everywhere on your skin without these potential dangers. These products are also safer than many other body and face tanning lotions because they don't include harsh chemicals. Instead, our formula is gentle on skin and uses Dihydroxyacetone (DHA), DMI, and Erythulose to deliver the best fake tan. Shop at Fake Bake today to find these and other top-rated self-tanning products at great prices.