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Vitiligo Vanquish® Kit - TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK!

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Vitiligo Vanquish® Kit - TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK!

The Best Vitiligo Coverage

We are beautiful with or without our spots but Vitiligo can cause self-consciousness. Vitiligo Vanquish® by Fake Bake® was created to help alleviate the psychological burden that comes with skin conditions like Vitiligo. Designed for use by males and females, it is a fantastic alternative to makeup and looks very similar to your own skin. It creates a natural looking vitiligo camouflage that will make you feel amazing both inside and out!

This lightweight, easy-to-apply liquid is the best way to hide the depigmented parts of your body. The package includes everything you need for a professional-grade application, including brushes, a blotting cloth and color-customizing drops to get the perfect shade match to your skin. See how this incredible product can help restore your self-confidence!

What's in the box?

1 - 6 oz Fake Bake Vitiligo Vanquish® Cosmetic Camouflage Liquid
1 - Large Application Brush
1 - Small Application Brush
1 - Glass Dipping and Storage Jar
1 - Washable Blotting Cloth
2 - Optional Color Customizing Drops
Detailed Instructions



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Vitiligo Vanquish® by Fake Bake® can help alleviate the emotional stress that comes from suffering with vitiligo. Designed for use by both males and females, it is an excellent alternative to makeup. It looks amazingly similar to your own skin! 


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Vitiligo Vanquish can have you smiling again with greater confidence!

 Beautiful with or without spots..VV glides on like a dream whenever you want to cover!


The difference that Vitiligo Vanquish makes can be astonishing to you, but seem perfectly natural to others.

 The difference that Vitiligo Vanquish® makes can be
 astonishing to you, but seem perfectly natural to others.


Vitiligo Vanquish, in use by co-creator Jackie McDonald.

 Vitiligo Vanquish®, in use by co-creator Jackie McDonald.
 Check back... more Before & After photos coming soon!


Priced to be very affordable, Vitiligo Vanquish® by Fake Bake® comes in a simple kit form. Created by a 20+ years sufferer along with the good people at Fake Bake, it has been developed to be the most effective and economical system yet to flawlessly hide the effects of pigmentation loss

  •  Customizable for warmer to cooler, darker to lighter skin tones
  •  Transfer resistant!  Shake hands, hug & cuddle with confidence!   VV stays on YOU for up to 3 days!
  •  Glides on smoothly with custom brushes to temporarily match your existing pigment
  •  No more staring or awkward moments from awkward questions
  •  No more feeling uncomfortable that people are more focused on your skin condition than they are on YOU
  •  Brush on depigmented areas and marvel at the transformation! We’ll teach you how… It’s easy!


Vitiligo Vanquish® by Fake Bake® can be customized to match a wide range of skin tones.

Vitiligo Vanquish by Fake Bake is customizable for a wide range of skin tones.

Brush Vitiligo Vanquish® by Fake Bake® onto depigmented areas and marvel at the transformation. Our instructional video will show you how quick and easy it can be!






Listen to Jackie on the VITFriends podcast. June 23, 2021.


Created by a veteran vitiligo patient in partnership with Fake Bake®.  

 We value your feedback!  Comments or suggestions?  Connect directly with Jackie:  [email protected]


  • 5

    Posted by Luis on 15th Oct 2021

    great product work and covered my white spots I am happy with the product. Thank you

  • 4
    Vitiligo Vanquish

    Posted by Rodolfo Oconer on 10th Aug 2021

    Little bit difficulty in mixing/matching the liquid on my face skin tone. I’m sorry you are having difficulty matching. Please allow me to assist. Kindly email [email protected] Be sure to include photos of your vitiligo with a test spot of your VV showing and I will gladly help you achieve your color. Thank you for your review, Jackie

  • 5
    Fake Bake Vitiligo

    Posted by Sandy on 4th Aug 2021

    I am a Caucasian that tans with an orange undertone. No self tanners have really worked, I would apply them then wash off in order to get the color close. I was very skeptical about this product, just one more thing that I want to work and afraid to be let down. The first day, the color out of the bottle, was definitely not my color. I added to drops of blue, and on some parts it’s too dark. Determined not to give up, I started using a wet brush with what I had mixed. It is important to blot. It works, I am not afraid to go out and get change in my hands, or reach for something in front of someone. This disease is horrible and people stare. It affects self esteem- and puts us in isolation. A quick story- I wear self tanner up to two weeks ago, I went to a fast food place to pick up a to go order. The guy, who is familiar with me, said to me in front of other customers,”what happened to your hands?” I haven’t been back. I am hopeful as I lose my summer color I can tweak it to continue the discoloration. I would definitely recommend this product and keep practicing how to apply to get the coverage you need. It works.

  • 5

    Posted by charis dickson on 28th Jul 2021

    I just received last week. Still working on getting the exact color and technique right. Jackie has been wonderful to walk me through this process. Don’t give up. Give it some time to work for you! It will be life changing for me.

  • 4
    Vitiligo Vanquish

    Posted by MIldred on 14th Jul 2021

    This product has been the best product I've used to cover my vitiligo. I'm still playing with the color but I absolutely recommend it. It does last approximately 3 days.

  • 5
    Awesome product!

    Posted by Michelle Swantek on 12th Jul 2021

    This is an awesome remedy for covering up vitiligo! I am so loving this product. It’s easy to apply and lasts 4 days! My hands and arms look normal again! Thank you Jackie & FakeBake!

  • 5
    Fake Bake Vanquish Kit

    Posted by Lillian on 11th Jul 2021

    I have suffered with vitiligo for more than 20 years. Inhave used smany different products claiming to be the best. As a dark complexion woman this cover is the best. It goes on smoothly and dries fast. It doesn't get on your clothes.

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